Students 2011-2015

Debbie Boyack is a graduate of Finding Inner Peace yoga school in Abington, MA.  She has been practicing yoga for over seventeen years and teaching yoga for over thirteen years.  Debbie is also a certified pre-natal yoga instructor.  Debbie is an assistant teacher in both the 200hr and 500hr teacher training programs at Frog Pond Yoga Center.  Debbie holds a MA degree in Criminal Justice and is a trained domestic violence counselor.  Debbie has recently been appointed by the MA Juvenile Court as an investigator.  Most importantly she is the mother of three girls and passionate about making a difference in the world.

Diane Featherstone has training in western Psychology.  She has been studying and practicing Yoga for the past forty years and teaching for the past thirty. Moving to the States in 1976 she found Hatha classes in the Iyengar tradition and in 1982 met her guru and teacher Dr. V.S. Rao, or Baba as his students called him.  In 1995, with Baba’s help the FrogPond Yoga school and teacher training program were founded and 200HR and 500HR programs are conducted annually.  Diane also teaches at Mount Wachusett  Community College in Gardner where she created a program based on the principles and practices of Yoga to inspire young students who return to their education for a second chance.

Kim Gebo loves to be outside, work in the gardens and teach yoga. Having lived all over the United States, she learned from many different people, places and cultures.  She tries to be kind and compassionate to all.  Kim is a loving and nurturing mother to her children and cares for all her students, friends and colleagues with sincerity.  With her heart on her sleeve, she tries to offer guidance and hospitality to everyone she encounters along her journey.  You can meet Kim in  Ebb n’ Flow Yoga Studio in Northborough MA.  She shares the space with many wonderful teachers.  “All life is yoga.”  Sri Aurobindo.  There is something to be learned in all life, all that we do. 



Anne Goewey serves as Director and Teacher of Frog Pond Yoga Centre's 200HR Teacher Training Programs and is a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor.  She has ben into yoga for twenty years.  She teaches levels I, II & III yoga philosophy, psychology, spirituality and practice in the Complementary Health Care Department at Mount Wachusett Community College.  Anne also teaches weekly classes in Heywood Hospital’s Wellness Center.  In addition to group classes in the area, she offers private sessions using yoga therapeutically. 


Mary Heckman is a Certified Yoga instructor and a 200 hour graduate from Frog Pond Yoga.  She has been involved with the LBGT community for human rights and finding a way to bring yoga, meditation and self-acceptance to the youths at a local level.   She is married to Bob, her best friend and has 4 sons and 6 grandchildren.    She is a retiree and enjoys hiking, bicycle riding, snow shoeing and gardening. Yoga is her personal journey, but her grandchildren join her in the practice.


Mary Lance is a certified yoga teacher and owner of Sangha Yoga Center in Shirley. She has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and holds a Doctorate of Education with a focus on integrating yoga into schools. Mary teaches traditional yoga to both adults and children as well as prenatal, postnatal and individualized yoga programs.

Julie Pepper is a mother , artist , farmer, and a holistic practitioner. Raised in a Massachusetts organic farm, Julie did raise her son with those same skills . She uses earth friendly pigments to paint nature objects and yoga concepts.  She is the proprietor of the Highlands Cabin and runs weekly meditation and Yoga classes in Barre Ma. Julie developed the Yoga Therapies division at Simonds - Hurd Complementary Care Center at Health Alliance Hospital, and instructs Yoga classes and provides Yoga therapies 1:1 care for staff , care givers and clients at the Simonds - Sinon Regional Oncology Unit and to the public at the Fitchburg campus Complementary Care Center.


Moore Quinn is a graduate a Frog Pond Yoga. She teaches Yoga in the USA and Ireland. She holds a Master's degree in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University and MA and PhD degrees in Anthropology from Brandeis University. Quinn is Associate Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina where she teaches numerous courses in Mind, Body, Spirit, Cross-Cultural Understandings of Person and Self, and Celtic Languages and Literatures.



Joshua Tenpenny is the partner and full-time assistant of Raven Kaldera, a shaman who writes and teaches about the traditional spiritual practices of Northern Europe. Joshua works as a massage therapist in Fitchburg, MA and is the director of Anatomy for the Frog Pond Yoga teacher training program.

Tracy Thomasino is a RYT having completed her training at Frog pond Yoga  of the 200 hour and 500 hour programs. She has taught yoga for 10 years in the Vinyasa style and has almost completed her 1000 hour teaching level. She holds an Associates of science degree in Occupational therapy. She gives her yoga skills in her work with therapy to patients  with many challenges to improve and better their lives.  Her passions are healthy gourmet cooking, gardening and traveling. Loving what you do, doing what you love!



Michael Vecchi is a certified yoga teacher graduating from Frog Pond Yoga Center - Princeton, MA.  with his wife Nina a Kundalini Yoga teacher they own and operate Unity Yoga in Gardner Massachusetts. Trained in the Raja tradition his passion is learning, teaching, and practicing traditional yoga on and off the mat.  Mike teaches traditional yoga to adults and works full time as the Director of IT for the Worcester Housing Authority.