Class Videos 2011-2015

Segment I

We have sporadic recordings in Segment I and they are not sorted out.  They will be posted once we organize them.


Segment II

All videos in this segment are taken by Leo Rousseau, an ardent yoga practitioner and a long-time Associate of Dr Rao.

The posted videos are not edited and must not be reproduced.  They are the property of Bijoy Misra and Frog Pond Yoga Centre, Princeton, MA.



Nov 18, 2012, Introduction, Patanjali Book I


Dec 15, 2012, Part I - What is Samadhi?,                                    Part II - Patanjali Book I (contd.)





Jan 20, 2013,      Patanjali Book I (contd.)


Feb 17, 2013,     Analysis of Vocabulary in Yoga, Patanjali Book I (contd,)


Mar 17,2013,     Introduction to Student Presentations - Sahanavavatu


                           Kim Gebo , Discussion,   Anne Goewey, Allison Smith, Julie Pepper, Diane Featherstone


                           Presentations wrap up


Apr 21, 2013,      Part I -   Introduction to Patanjali Book II,    Part II - Patanjali Book II Beginning   


May 11,2013,      Part I  -  Review of Book I ,                               Part II -  Patanjali Book II, Analysis


Jun 8,   2013,       Patanjali Book II (contd)


Sep 22, 2013,       Part I  -  Basis of Yoga Philosophy,                 Part II - Patanjali Book II (contd)


Oct 20, 2013,       Ahimsa and Satya - Yoga Therapy


Nov 17, 2013,     Tapa and Ishvara


Dec 14, 2013,      Yoga as a Science




Jan 14, 2014,        Pratyahara