About the Classes


Patanjali Yoga classes with Bijoy Misra are held in the lineage of Yogi Dr. V. S. Rao, who was active in teaching and promoting yoga in Boston area from 1983 until he passed away in 2007.  Dr Rao's High-Tech Yoga Institute was instrumental in training many high quality teachers who have initiated their own yoga schools in various parts of the US.  Dr. Rao was trained byYogaguru Ramlalji Maharaj of Amritsar, India, and all his students are certified by Siddha Gufa Yoga Ashrama, Sawai Siddha Gufa, Agra, India.   Bijoy Misra got associated with Dr. Rao in 1983 and assisted him in his classes and in his yoga activities through the period of Dr. Rao's life. 


Diane Featherstone initiated the Frog Pond Yoga Centre in 1989 and has been running the school with fresh batches of students to prepare them in yoga techniques, human anatomy and yoga therapy.  The students obtain 200hr certification from the Yoga Alliance institution in the US.   After Dr. Rao's passing away, Diane invited Bijoy Misra to conduct classes on Patanjali Yoga at Frog Pond Center to help develop a Philosophy wing for the 200hr graduates of the School in order to prepare them for a 500hr certification. .  Bijoy started his classes in the Fall of 2011.  The details of the syllabus, the class notes, the available videos and the student work are presented at this site. 


While Yoga cosmology was conceived in India, it has little to do with any faith, religion or philosophy.  The principles are pure self-discovery to experiment if we do have a different existential state than what we experience in our normal daily life.  Yoga as a therapeutical technique is popular in the west now.  We wish to provide an orientation to the new yoga teachers on the principles of yoga universality as analyzed in the literature in order to create a forum for experimentation.  While Sanskrit language is not necessary, it helps to discipline our breathing such that we can apply our mind inward.


Bijoy Misra is a physicist working on space physics.  He developed proficiency in Sanskrit by analyzing literature and studying yoga texts.  He owes his training in yoga to Dr. V. S. Rao and Swami Sarvagatananda of Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston.  He has authored books on yoga and vedanta with both Dr. Rao and Swami Sarvagatananda.


The site is dedicated to my late grandfather Sri Nilakantha Misra and the people of temple town of Puri in India, where yoga continues to be a way of life.