During his stay in the US, Dr Rao diligently conducted special activities on two specific days annually in a regular manner.  Sri Ramanavami was the birthday of his guru Yogiraj Ramlalji Maharaj.  The day was special for religious service and student initiation.  Sri Vasant and Niru Jinwala shared their house from 1985 to 2005 for this event every year in March/April.  We had readings from Valmiki Ramyana with interpretative lectures and kirtan.  About fifty to a hundred persons attended regularly each year.  This event discontinued in 2006 after Dr Rao was housed in the Nursing Home.

The second event that he held in high esteem was Guru Purnima held in July/august.  This day recognized student talents and the Guru Gita was read in full.  Students were encouraged to interpret Guru Gita and immerse themselves in the unlimited expanse of Shiva, the teacher of yoga.  It was a day of liberation and the chanting and meditation led to inward journey of mind in discovering consciousness.  Dr Rao would appear transformed in the ecstasy of the chanting.  This event was held in yoga teacher Sri Chandrakant Shah's house from 1989 to 2005.  Dr Rao participated in the last Guru Purnima event at his Nursing Home in 2006. 


The videos and images of these events exist.  We will upload them after editing.  I participated in both the events in reading and in the interpretative presentation. The Guru Purnima celebration has continued in our home since 2008.  A dozen or more Associates gather together in reading Guru Gita and reminiscing the days with our teacher.  Pictures from 2014 are reproduced below.  







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