Diane Featherstone


Diane featherstone has been a student of Yoga for forty five years. She began her practice in Canada in the late sixties through a friend from India who taught her the Bhagavad Gita and the mantra Aum for meditation.  Her own hatha practice was self taught. Moving to the States in 1976 she found Hatha classes in the Iyengar tradition. In 1982, she met her guru and teacher of twenty five years Dr. V.S. Rao, or Baba as his students called him. Diane found herself asked to teach in many venues; schools, health clinics, homes and computer companies. By the early nineties was teaching 13 classes per week and loving it. Diane’s exploration of the hatha Yoga of many different traditions is expressed in her eclectic style  which she still teaches twice weekly. In 1995, with Baba’s help the FrogPond Yoga school and teacher training program were founded.  The 200HR and 500HR programs are conducted annually. This year marks the 20th anniversary of its inception.  Diane also teaches at Mount Wachusett  Community College in Gardner where she created a program based on the principles and practices of Yoga to inspire young students who return to their education for a second chance. She also adapted the FrogPond 200HR program to three semester courses at the college to offer the Yoga teacher training there. Diane has studied shamanism and Native peoples’ spirituality and along with her academic background in Western psychology these greatly inform her wisdom teachings.  Outdoors in nature is where she goes every chance; being in love with the natural world and all its inhabitants feeds her soul along with her Yoga.


Diane Featherstone's essay