Through an arrangement with the Yoga Prashikshana Kendra, Sawain, India, Dr Rao arranged to confer certificates on students who satisfactorily completed the course.  Alongwith certification he would also confer special titles depending on the person's talents and skills.  Seasoned students with long term commitment were awarded the title of "Yogiraj" and teachers like me were awarded "Mahamohopadhyay."  Though titles mean little in the path of yoga, the conferring ceremony had a delightful anticipation in many of us!   

With advent of technology and help, he modified the format of the certificate.  A copy of the new certificate is reproduced in lower left.  The default diploma was Master of Yoga Education (M.Y.Ed). Occasionally the diploma of Associate of Yoga Education (A.Y.Ed)  was awarded.  We list below the individuals who were awarded diplomas until 2003, after which no formal classes were held. The list was made from the compilation made by John Featherstone and edited by Bijoy Misra.

Before 1997:


Uma Sharma

Bhuvanedra Jha

Purna Chad

Om Prakash

Mohan Lal


plus many more..

United States:

Yogiraj Vaidyaraj

Dr. B. N. R. Shastry

Dr. Jagadeeswari

Nalin Parekh

Sri Sarma

Smt. Saraswati

Aswini Jhaveri

Vasant Jinwala

Chandrakant Shah

Dr. Bijoy Misra

Ms. Usha

Kirit Upadhyay

Sri Mahesh

Peter Gaudet

Lou Boersma

John Featherstone

Diane Featherstone

Sara Featherstone

Kurt Hastings

Cynthia Lavine

Steven Chalmers

Shirley Manoni

Peter Marquis

Suzanne Keleher

Kathleen Panagiotes

Joe Emerson

Sheila Sridhran

plus many more..