Dr. Rao was a born teacher.  He started teaching yoga when he was twenty years of age and jumped into teaching immediately upon arrival in the US.  Punctual and regular, he would show even if no student would show up.  His diligence was remarkable and he was a teacher by example.  He was solitary in his journey and did not wait for any assistance.  Some of us eventually became Assistant teachers to him through his grooming.

He began his classes from his daughter's apartment in Lowell, MA and he lived there until 2006.  The High-Tech Yoga Institute was incoroprated as a US non-profit organization in 1983 and the first formal public class was held in Public LIbrary at Chelmsford, MA on September 17, 1983.  I attended the classes there. The typical course schedule is reproduced at left. He also taught regularly at Shishubharati Sunday school and the classes became an entry point of physical exercise for many parents.  Children loved his class.  He became the Chief Guest at the School graduation event for fifteen years.

The document on the lower left is an advisory to the new students.  To him yoga was a tool to build character.  Knowing the shortcomings in the society he was particularly diligent in reminding the students of their obligations in maintaining good conduct.  Conduct build character and he would speak about the "ten commandments" of conduct in yoga.

Dr Rao interpreted Upanisads and lectured on yogasutra.  He led Hindu religious services on demand and did special events at students' homes.  The celebration of his teacher Yogi Ramlal's birthday at SriRamanavami and the generic celebration of Gurupurnima were special events for him.  On these special events, his face glowed with a joyous jubilation.

Jai Guru!