Mary Heckman


I am Mary Heckman, a Certified Yoga instructor and 200 hour graduate from Frog Pond Yoga.  I recently joined the Yoga Alliance and have been involved with the LBGT community for human rights and finding a way to bring yoga, meditation and self-acceptance to the youths at a local level. This is a work in progress.


I am married to Bob, my best friend and I have 4 sons and 6 grandchildren. My yoga practice is my personal journey but my grandchildren do enjoy participating with me.  I have been blessed with the chance to retire early in life and enjoy hiking, bicycle riding, snow shoeing and gardening. I continue to grow and learn about the environment and ways to improve my health and the health of my family. Being outside with my thoughts and nature is where I feel at peace with the world.


The lessons I have learned thru this continuing education program at Frog Pond has been both spiritual and inspiring. I am looking forward to attending many more classes in the future.


Thank you,  Bijoy Misra , Diane Featherstone and all my fellow students/teachers.


Mary Heckman's essay