Swami Sarvagatananda (1912-2009) was the Senior Minister at Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston when I attended and worked a Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970's.  Since I had left India in the midst of  political turmoil, I was hesitant to meet people during my early years in the US.  The uncalled-for atrocities to the democratic norm were eventually repulsed in 1977 and I felt free to move around.  I met the Swami at a Relief Fund-raiser event to help out the cyclone-distressed people in Andhra Pradesh in 1978.


Swami Sarvagatananda was my refuge, support and friend.  I had read about Swami Vivekananda during my school days, and had won prizes on behalf our school.  Bit it was Swami in Boston who helped me analyze the massive literature of Vedanta and try to create  a formulation in life.  A man of high intellect, Swami served as one of the Religious Counselors to students both in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in Harvard University. 


After my father passed away, I helped Swami compile his lectures into book forms and we had massive projects.  He had participated in India's freedom struggle and utterly believed in human freedom.  He belonged to the Ramakrishna Order of monks and had his affectionate allegiance to Holy Mother Sarada Devi whom he worshipped.  I learned the power of shakti in life through my association with the Swami.


Swami Sarvagatananda is remembered by hundreds of his students and associates.  I did put together a Memorial website that can be visited at  http://www.swamisarvagatananda.org

Swami Sarvagatananda and Yogi Dr. V. S. Rao came from neighboring villages in Andhra Pradesh, India.