The course is a part of Frog Pond Yoga Centre's Teacher Training Program.  It is divided into three eighteen hour segmentsTwo-hour classes meet once a month and are supplemented with readings and homework.  Students with a minimum of three years of yoga training are admitted to the course. The course is expected to be covered in three years with disciplined life style and regular practices of āsana, prāṇāyāma and meditation.


Segment I -  (eighteen hours, nine sessions)

                     Introduction to Vedanta and Philosophy.

                     What’s Mind – Eastern and Western View

                              What’s Cognition – Eastern and Western View

                              What’s Life – Eastern and Western View

                              Survey of the upanisadic literature

                              Upanisadic  Literature – continued

                              Q and A and discussion on the material covered (short essay test)

                              Bhagavadgita – What it is and why it is an important text

                              Yoga through the Gita

                              Student reading of literature, practice oral presentation

Segment II -  (eighteen hours, nine sessions)

                       Patanjali Yogasūtram, Books I and II

                              Introduction, Vocabulary

                              Book I - Aphorisms 1- 15

                              Book I - Aphorisms 16-35

                              Book I - Aphorisms 36 - end

                              Review of Book I, Introduction of Book II

                              Book II - Aphorisms 1 - 15

                              Book II - Aphorisms 16 - 35

                              Book II - Aphorisms 36 - end

                              Student Presentations

Segment III -  (eighteen hours, nine sessions)

                       Patanjali Yogasūtram, Books III and IV

                              Review of Books I and II, Q&A

                              Book III - Aphorisms  1- 20

                              Book III - Aphorisms  21- 40

                              Book III - Aphorisms  41 - end

                              Discussion, Review of Literature, Student Essays

                              Book IV - Aphorisms 1 - 12

                              Book IV - Aphorisms 13 - 24

                              Book IV - Aphorisms 25 - end

                              Student Lectures

Optional session on Sanskrit -  (eighteen hours, nine sessions)

                               A course on Sanskrit is offered to interested students to help with chanting, understanding and Mantra


Recommended texts -

                          Sri Krishna Yoga, Lectures on the Gita by Swami Sarvagatananda, Edited by Bijoy Misra

                             Meditation as Spiritual Culmination, Lectures on Patanjali Yogasūtram by Swami Sarvagatananda

Readings -

                                     Class Notes, Selected material from the Internet and classical literature.