While the principles of yoga are a prescription for discovering one's true identity, yoga is also a technique that leads to individual well being and development of skills.  Srikrishna in Bhagavadgita called it the "excellence in work". The yogasutram proceeds unto prescribe meditation techniques to help strengthen muscles, bones and organs as well as acquire sharper senses.   One such yogi who mastered these techniques was Yogiraj Ramlaji Maharaj who lived through the later part of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century.  He persevered to meet the great Babaji in the Himalayas and received his yoga instructions directly from the ancient teacher.  

Legends suggest that Yogiraj Ramlalji's life was full of miracles and he possessed miraculous powers in healing sickness.  He founded a teaching cum healing center called Yog Sadhan Ashram in Amritsar in India.  The Ashram continues to operate today and offers free yogic healing to the residents and the public.  Several satellite centers operate in India and abroad.

Ramlalji Maharaj was a prolific teacher and many of his students also went in the path of propagating yogic instruction and yogic therapy to the needy individuals.  Sri Mulkhraj, Sri Shyamlal Khanna and Mrs Rajyalakshmi are shown on the left, and Sri Chandramohan and Dr. V. S. Rao are shown in the right.    All this generation of teachers have left the earth.

It is said that Yogiraj Ramlalji Maharaj disappeared through a cave near Agra, India and never returned.,  The location known Sawai Gupha is a pilgrim center for the local people and the yoga enthusiasts all over the world.  A yoga center call Yog Prashikshan Kendra operate at the site offering free yoga teaching and medical help through yoga therapy.

Dr, Rao was particularly affectionate to Guru Ramlal and celebrated Ramlalji's birthday with special discourses.  The gurupurnima event  recalls the Guru through the special arati listed here.